What symbols mean

This website uses multiple icons not seen in-game to reduce a lot of information to simple reading … if you know what you’re reading.
Basically it’s limited to types of damage and general information (Reload, Cooldown, Range, etc.)

Types of damage

Symbol Name Effect
basic_blc Basic Basic damage, it can not critical hit enemies.
can_crit_blc Can critical The hit can be critical on enemies’ weak points (Head, Bastion back, etc…)

Criticals shots deal double the damage of a basic hit.

fall_off_blc No distance fall-off Most weapons tend to have reduced damage according to distance, those don’t. Those damages are mainly for snipers but not only, an example of a non-sniper character using those damages is Zenyatta.

Those damages can crit.

dispersion_blc Dispersion This effect means each shot fired spreads into a group of bullets. Also meaning the number you see in shot per seconds has to be multiplied by the number of pellets shot every time, multiplied by damage, to know the full potential of one shot.

There’s always distance fall-off damage reduction on this type of damage.

Those damages can crit.

splash_blc Splash damage This damage effect applies an area of effect on impact or explosion.

With this type of damage, direct hits are stronger than splash damages (Junkrat and Pharah direct impact hurts for 120HP, while splash damage is up to 80HP maximum, depending on distance).

Splash damage will SELF-DAMAGE if you are in the explosion radius (this damage is limited to 40HP for Pharah, also depending on distance between you and the explosion radius)

penetrate_blc Penetration Damages that passes through barriers (Winston, Reinhardt, etc)

It’s only used by a few characters but can be very useful in some situations.

melee_blc Melee Hits enemies within melee range, can be a very wide angle (over ~120° for Reinhardt and Genji, no viable source)
Basically, you hit people with something. Hammers mostly.
heal_blc Heal Heals the target for HP

Probably what you’ll be looking for in Quick Match, without ever getting it.

barrier_blc Barrier This special damage isn’t damage itself, rather it blocks all incoming projectiles. Meaning every damage type, except penetration damages, will be absorbed.


Rate of fire

Those values are expressed in RPS, or Rounds per second. Meaning it can’t be used to calculate effective DPS.

Symbol Name Effect
 slow Slow Inferior or equal to 2 rounds per second.
 mid Medium Between 3 and 10 rounds per second.
 fast Fast Between 10 and 20 rounds per second.
very_fast Very Fast Over 20 rounds per second.

Other icons

Symbol Name Effect
ammo Ammo For the number of ammunition available before reloading.

The little number in the lower left corner represents how many ammo a single shot consumes.

reload Reload / Cooldown For the reload or the cooldown of a weapon or ability.

Will always be calculated in seconds.

dps Damage Per Second For the amount of damage the weapon / ability deals each second.

Always assuming all projectiles hit the target in case of spread weapons.

Indicates minimum and maximum DPS in case of distance fall-off damage reduction.

duration Duration For the amount of seconds the skill lasts.
radius Radius For the known radius of the skill in meters.

For area of effect abilities or projectiles, represents the distance between the point of impact or the character emitting the ability and the maximum range of the effect.

Do not confound with Range.

range Range For the known range of the skill in meters.

The maximum distance a projectile or ability can reach.

Do not confound with Radius.