New Year Update

I wish you all a happy new year, and hope the best for you in the year to come, to be Grandmasters and Top500 ! Here comes the official patch system update for you

(This section of article will be used for the WEBSITE update, not only the official Overwatch updates)

Site update (NOT A GAME CHANGE)

Update feedback by “Yakumo” :

  • Hanzo’s scatter arrow splits into 6 arrows, not 5

A place to talk, share and feedback

So I wanted you guys to have a place to gather and share. This community have helped me so much since the site was first released, so I opened a Discord channel

(You must have a verified email)

I’m still setting things up, so if you have any feedback, just MP

Also this discord is now a new official way to send me questions or feedbacks for the website


Should I go live ...?

As many of you have already noticed, there’s a new Twitch widget on the new main page.

I’m actually french and stream in french, but I’ll try to switch to english in the future if enough of you are interested.

Here some facts for now:

  • I’m 3200+ Ranked (Zarya / Lucio)
  • I love numbers, strategy and competitive talk
  • Website FAQ, things to come, etc.
  • But I’m not found of Esports (just a little) so I won’t be able to cover Esport analysis
  • If you have any other ideas …

As usual now, Discord is here if you want to do a feedback, or the website contact page


A new year to start

Coming in the week :

  • Twitch live FAQ (Stay tuned on the Twitch widget)
  • Discord intergration on home page
  • Background update for Oasis
  • New Video (Oasis, or maybe a personal video on YouTube)
  • I’m looking for a spanish translator, someone used to WordPress and English to create the whole spanish translation of the website, you guys are >10% of my traffic, I would like to give you a proper translation <3
  • Some adjustements and fixes

I would also like to have your opinion on some way to give you possibility to donate to the website. I know few things like Patreon (or the french equivalent Tipeee), or even use the Twitch donation system, or directly through paypal …

Many of you asked some ways to help the website, but as we’re an international community I’m not sure what’s the best course of action

If you have any advice, just Discord me or Email via the contact page