New front page and minor stuff update 1.0

Hello !

You are thousands every month to come across those pages, and so for you I have an announcement, things to come and many other things.

Firsts thing first, I updated the front page to resolve MANY problems, here is a short summary :

  • Video load was too long, I rolled back to a more basic, but more useful frontpage with not a lot of things to load
  • Heroes should be placed in the same order than in the game
  • A quick view of the last edited / added heroes
  • A blog and the very beginning of a community
  • Twitch, because I stream a bit if you’re interested
  • Twitter, actually in french but I’ll switch to EN as soon as this update is out
  • GitHub for those who’d like to help

And there’s a list of thing still coming on that page like new animations, translations, new buttons and such.

About the new pages :

  • I’ve added a simple, VERY, SIMPLE, blog. I’ll update it ASAP, but I don’t have the graphics for it yet, so it’s not fancy right know, but it’ll come
    • No comments for now, I need to find an anti-spam system that I’m sure will work
    • But in the future I’d like this website to become more interactive, and create a community around it
    • This may be far in the future but could also include a ranking/vote system on useful comments
  • Article page, heeeey, this is THIS page, well just as the blog page it’s very very basic right know but I have some good ideas in mind to update it graphically
    • I’m also looking for translators and redactors if you’re interested in the job
    • Article are mainly for communication and news, new pages are to come like health data and such, but I’m also still working on visuals and graphics

New features :

  • Hero pages now starts on a the “Primary” block automatically, no longer empty pages after load !
  • Also now clicking on a box will change the URL, meaning you can Copy/Pasta directly the SKILL you’re interested in.

More to come :

  • Update on the new front
  • Blog and Article pages
  • Patch notes !
  • New information pages
  • New animations
  • Faster loadings


I’m still looking for help, from the very beginning a lot of people were helping me on details I didn’t know, or to give feedback, a website is very tied to its users, or in my case this community. You help me make this website evolve, faster than I could imagine. Because behind the wheel I’m alone doing all the job, and every little piece of help is just so much to me.

I hope you’ll like this update, I hope the comment system will be working soon too so I can read your reactions. In the mean time don’t hesitate to come by on the live stream http://twitch or my twitter or even drop a message on the contact page.

Also I may announce soon a big 24H of ranked on OW 3000+ on stream to make this community live just come and join to talk and ask around. This might be a form of FAQ if enough people show up. I would like to do a video about it (in French and English) but I’m not sure I’ll get enough time.

Any way folks, if you read all that, GG, I wish you the best, and cya soon,