Minor fixes on heroes

Hello everybody

Today you might have noticed we have some heroes updates, the 1.0 buged some keybindings so we had to update the character page to solve the issue.

We have done an overall look around on hero pages to updates minor informations or details mainly on this page :

  • Sombra

What I’m working on next :

  • Front page integrations, this is not definitive version just the basic version of the home page
  • Article design, so this actually isn’t dull to read

If anyone reads this and care to help me, I’m looking for a specific thing that anyone can do, but takes a lot of time :

  • Capture a video loop fullscreen of every map in the game, to do so (you need 1920 x 1080 resolution and 16:9 screen) :
    • Get Shadowplay or something alike
    • Open Overwatch
    • Open “Social”, “Play” or “Hero Gallery” tab
    • Hit Alt + Z (hide the UI)
    • Capture video for ~10/15s
    • Upload on WeTransfer
    • Send the link to me in the contact form

This is fairly easy and could save me a lot of time, you could do just one, or every maps in the game. The idea is to have as many back grounds as possible, on very short videos but fullscreen of every maps in the game to include them randomly at each front page load.

Hope you guys good games and fun,